XWin -clipboard and xterm focus

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Fri Mar 5 01:42:00 GMT 2004

Peter Wisnovsky wrote:
>>>I updated, and it seems to have removed all the files associated with
>>>xwinclip, but not replaced them with any working functionality in XWin.
> So
>>>now I have NO working clipboard support after this update. The focus
> problem
>>>still exists as well. Sigh.
>>That is precisely what was supposed to happen.  Let me remind you of
>>something you wrote:
> OK, though I didn't infer that the xwinclip would be removed. In any case,
> here is my log...not sure where the arguments are...
> Peter

Do another cygcheck to get your versions.  You still don't have 
XFree86-xserv-4.3.0-49 or -50.  Also, make sure that you don't have 
copies of older versions of XWin.exe that you are starting instead of 
the new one that you downloaded. Both -49 and -50 print the version of 
XWin.exe and the command-line arguments at the top of XWin.log.


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