XWin -clipboard and xterm focus

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Fri Mar 5 01:11:00 GMT 2004

Peter Wisnovsky wrote:

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>>You need to do a general update of Cygwin by rerunning Cygwin's
>>setup.exe and letting it upgrade updated packages.
> Doh! I've been running update pretty often, but using a mirror that seems
> completely out of date, "cygwin.mirrors.pair.com". Using ftp.nas.nasa.gov
> seems to have much fresher stuff...I'll try that, thanks!

Yup, that mirror was culled from the mirror list some time ago.  There 
is a script that removes out of date mirrors, but it wasn't working for 
several months in the recent past; we figured this out and it was since 
fixed.  However, setup.exe will keep your list of last used mirrors, 
regardless of whether they are in the mirror list or not.  It does this 
not as a feature, but more as a side effect of the feature that allows 
you to point setup.exe to your own mirrors.  It appears that setup.exe 
does not distinguish between "mirror that was on mirror list and no 
longer is" and "user-added mirror that is not on mirror list". 
Obviously, the latter sort should never be removed from the list 
automatically, while the former should be removed so that users do not 
inadvertantly keep using a stale mirror.  Of course, I will wait 
patiently until someone else feels motivated to implment this.


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