XWin -clipboard and xterm focus

Peter Wisnovsky peter@wisnovsky.net
Thu Mar 4 23:39:00 GMT 2004

I'm using the XFree86 stuff to run my bash shells on cygwin and am using the
following to start my X session.

xinit -- Xwin -clipboard -multiwindow &

[I've tried various combinations of -multiwindow and -rootless]

In multiwindow mode xterms only seem to have keyboard focus if the mouse is
the xterm window. Is there any way to configure it so that the xterm has
keyboard focus if its in front? It seems to pick up a few characters after
the mouse leaves, but then stops.

Also...the -clipboard setting doesn't have any discernable effect. I put
this in based on


but I have to use the standalone Xwinclip. I'm running

% cygcheck -c  | grep XFree
XFree86-base            4.3.0-1            OK
XFree86-bin             4.3.0-5            OK
XFree86-etc             4.3.0-3            OK
XFree86-f100            4.2.0-3            OK
XFree86-fenc            4.2.0-3            OK
XFree86-fnts            4.2.0-3            OK
XFree86-fscl            4.2.0-3            OK
XFree86-fsrv            4.3.0-4            OK
XFree86-lib             4.3.0-1            OK
XFree86-lib-compat      4.3.0-1            OK
XFree86-man             4.3.0-2            OK
XFree86-startup-scripts 4.2.0-5            OK
XFree86-xserv           4.3.0-20           OK
XFree86-xwinclip        4.3.0-1            OK

I notice there is no reference to -clipboard in my XWin(1) manual page.


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