reset/terminate problems; preventing multiple XWin instances
Thu Mar 4 10:37:00 GMT 2004

>I see that it's in 4.3.0-50 and working well, but I don't see how the
>current implementation addresses the common task I mentioned:
>"open an xterm; run XWin first if needed"
>If I use a batchfile that always runs XWin and then xterm, from the 2nd
>invocation onwards it will produce the error popup reporting a "Fatal
>error" and directing me a to log file... Not quite what's needed here.[1]
>Perhaps there should be a switch that says "if the display already
>exists, exit silently".

Hi Eran,

I had the same problem and have solved it with the following Batch file:
@echo off

REM Find a running version of XWin
c:\progra~1\resour~1\pulist |c:\progra~1\resour~1\qgrep XWin >nul
REM if Xwin is running then start an Xterm
if errorlevel 1 goto NEXT 
run C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\xterm -cr red -sl 1000 -sb -rightbar -ms red 
-fg white -bg black -e /usr/bin/bash --login
goto END

REM Delete temp and lock file and start XWin and Xterm.
attrib -s %CYGWIN_ROOT%\tmp\.X11-unix\X0 >nul
del %CYGWIN_ROOT%\tmp\.X11-unix\X0 >nul
start C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\XWin.exe -multiplemonitors -multiwindow -dpi 
100 -clipboard
run C:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\xterm -cr red -sl 1000 -sb -rightbar -ms red 
-fg white -bg black -e /usr/bin/bash --login
You will need pulist and qgrep which is included in w2k resource kit. 
Should you not have this then please contact me offlist

Basically this batch file start Xwin if pulist (like ps but for windows) 
does not return a XWin process.

Hope this helps

Kind regards
Geordy Korte

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