Reducing configuration headaches for cygwin-xfree

Øyvind Harboe
Thu Mar 4 08:48:00 GMT 2004

I see there is no lack of awareness on this issue :-)

A couple of more comments:

- Regarding cygwin1.dll side-by-side install issue. I do believe that
if multiple different versions of CygWin could be installed side-by-side,
this could improve stability of the applications. I use CygWin for different 
things and I don't want an upgrade to my X server to topple my arm-elf-gcc
toolchain or vice versa.  But as Alexander pointed out: this won't happen.

- Regarding open-source GUI. Here is another alternative. Written in Java and
compiled with w/GCJ + Eclipse SWT. This would result in a native windows executable
with a Windows GUI and no dependencies on anything not shipping in Windows(not even 
msvcrt.dll or cygwin1.dll). GCJ comes w/CygWin. 

gcj -mno-cygwin -fjni -o hello.exe --main=HelloWorld swt_sans_awt.jar 


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