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Alexander Gottwald
Tue Mar 2 08:17:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, 1 Mar 2004, Jim Scheef wrote:

> Hello.
> I use a notebook computer so I can carry my computing environment around.
> This is WinXP and current versions of Cygwin and xFree as of a few weeks ago.
> I have several user 'accounts' that belong to various domains. Most of these
> accounts are 'js', as in js@machinename,,, etc.
> I want all of these to use the same Cygwin home directory.
> Cygwin and X were installed from When I'm not connected to a
> network, I use js@machinename. Cygwin seems to work with both user accounts
> but X will not start from js@machinename. The attached xwin.log came from
> running xinit. Trying to start kde gives an error that there is no write
> access to .ICEauthority. I believe the X problem is related to permissions
> within /home/js. 
> I have tried to set up permissions for both user accounts on /home/js but I
> can't seem to make them stick. 
> What permissions are needed? What file permissions are critical, which mearly
> convenient? Does the setup process replace the permissions on the user's home
> directory? How can Cygwin and X be configured for multiple users on a
> machine? and the big question - how can I configure Cygwin and X so that I
> can use the same /home/js directory from multiple 'js' accounts?

You can not start two xservers with the same display number (which is in fact the
TCP/IP port used). Start the second with an additional parameter ":1". eg XWin :1
or xinit -- :1

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