Multi User with Xfree after a Terminal Server (windows)

Crazy Cygnus24
Mon Mar 1 10:50:00 GMT 2004

Hi everybody !

I want to use cygwin under a clien terminal server with windows

i install cygwin on a server
modif cygwin.bat for multi user



   chdir d:\cygwin\bin
   set PATH=d:\cygwin\bin;%PATH%
   set HISTSIZE=1200
   set HOME=C:/Documents and Settings/%username%/CYGWIN
   set ENV=C:/Documents and Settings/%username%/CYGWIN/.bash_login
   SET D:/cygwin/tmp=D:/cygwin/%username%/tmp
   set CYGWIN=tty

bash --login -i


and startxwin.bat


@echo off

REM The path in the CYGWIN_ROOT environment variable assignment assume
REM that Cygwin is installed in a directory called 'cygwin' in the root
REM directory of the current drive.  You will only need to modify
REM CYGWIN_ROOT if you have installed Cygwin in another directory.  For
REM example, if you installed Cygwin in \foo\bar\baz\cygwin, you will need
REM to change \cygwin to \foo\bar\baz\cygwin.
REM This batch file will almost always be run from the same drive (and
REM directory) as the drive that contains Cygwin/XFree86, therefore you will
REM not need to add a drive letter to CYGWIN_ROOT.  For example, you do
REM not need to change \cygwin to c:\cygwin if you are running this
REM batch file from the C drive.



REM Cleanup after last run.

REM if not exist %CYGWIN_ROOT%\tmp\.X11-unix\X0 goto CLEANUP-FINISH
if not exist %CYGWIN_ROOT%\%username%\tmp\.X11-unix\X0 goto CLEANUP-FINISH

REM attrib -s %CYGWIN_ROOT%\tmp\.X11-unix\X0
REM del %CYGWIN_ROOT%\tmp\.X11-unix\X0
attrib -s %CYGWIN_ROOT%\%username%\tmp\.X11-unix\X0
del %CYGWIN_ROOT%\%username%\tmp\.X11-unix\X0

REM if exist %CYGWIN_ROOT%\%username%\tmp\.X11-unix rmdir 
if exist %CYGWIN_ROOT%\%username%\tmp\.X11-unix rmdir 

REM Startup the X Server, the twm window manager, and an xterm.
REM Notice that the window manager and the xterm will wait for
REM the server to finish starting before trying to connect; the
REM error "Cannot Open Display:" is not due to the
REM clients attempting to connect before the server has started, rather
REM that error is due to a bug in some versions of cygwin1.dll.  Upgrade
REM to the latest cygwin1.dll if you get the "Cannot Open Display" error.
REM See the Cygwin/XFree86 FAQ for more information:
REM The error "Fatal server error: could not open default font 'fixed'" is
REM caused by using a DOS mode mount for the mount that the Cygwin/XFree86
REM fonts are accessed through.  See the Cygwin/XFree86 FAQ for more
REM information:

if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" goto OS_NT

REM Windows 95/98/Me
echo startxwin.bat - Starting on Windows 95/98/Me



REM Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
echo startxwin.bat - Starting on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003


REM Brief descriptions of XWin-specific options:
REM -screen scr_num [width height]
REM      Enable screen scr_num and optionally specify a width and
REM      height for that screen.
REM      Most importantly, any parameters specified before the first -screen
REM      parameter apply to all screens.  Any options after the first 
REM      parameter apply only to the screen that precedes the parameter.
REM      Example:
REM          XWin -fullscreen -screen 0 -screen 1 -depth 8 -screen 2
REM      All screens will be fullscreen, but screen 2 will be depth 8, while
REM      screens 0 and 1 will be the default depth (whatever depth Windows
REM      is currently running at).
REM -multiwindow
REM      Start an integrated Windows-based window manager.  Not to be used
REM      with -rootless nor -fullscreen.
REM -rootless
REM      Use a transparent root window with an external window manager
REM      (such as twm).  Not to be used with -multiwindow nor
REM      with -fullscreen.
REM -fullscreen
REM      Use a window as large as possible on the primary monitor.
REM -multiplemonitors
REM      Create a root window that covers all monitors on a
REM      system with multiple monitors.
REM -clipboard
REM      Enable the integrated version of xwinclip.  Do not use in
REM      conjunction with the xwinclip program.
REM -depth bits_per_pixel
REM      Specify the screen depth to run at (in bits per pixel) using a
REM      DirectDraw-based engine in conjunction with the -fullscreen
REM      option, ignored if the -fullscreen option is not specified.
REM      By default, you will be using a DirectDraw based engine on any
REM      system that supports it.
REM -unixkill
REM      Trap Ctrl+Alt+Backspace as a server shutdown key combination.
REM -nounixkill
REM      Disable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace as a server shutdown key combination 
REM      Example:
REM          XWin -unixkill -screen 0 -screen 1 -screen 2 -nounixkill
REM      Screens 0 and 1 will allow Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, but screen 2 will 
REM -winkill
REM      Trap Alt+F4 as a server shutdown key combination (default).
REM -nowinkill
REM      Disable Alt+F4 as a server shutdown key combination.
REM -scrollbars
REM      Enable resizing of the server display window.  Do not use in 
REM      with -multiwindow nor with -rootless.
REM -nodecoration
REM      Draw the server root window without a title bar or border.
REM      Do not use with -mutliwindow nor with -rootless.
REM -lesspointer
REM      Hide the Windows mouse cursor anytime it is over any part of the
REM      window, even if Cygwin/XFree86 is not the window with the focus.
REM -refresh rate_in_Hz
REM      Specify a refresh rate to use when used with the -fullscreen 
REM -trayicon
REM      Enable the tray icon (default).
REM -notrayicon
REM      Disable the tray icon.
REM      Example:
REM          XWin -notrayicon -screen 0 -screen 1 -screen 2 -trayicon
REM      Screens 0 and 1 will not have tray icons, but screen 2 will.
REM -emulate3buttons [timeout]
REM      Emulate 3 button mouse with an optional timeout in milliseconds.
REM -xf86config
REM      Specify an XF86Config-style configuration file.
REM -keyboard
REM      Specify a keyboard device from the configuration file.

REM Startup the programs

REM Startup the X Server with the integrated Windows-based window manager.

start XWin -multiwindow

REM Startup an xterm, using bash as the shell.

run xterm -sl 1000 -sb -rightbar -ms red -fg yellow -bg black -e 

REM Startup the twm window manager.
REM WARNING: Do not use an external window manager in conjunction with
REM the ``-multiwindow'' command-line parameter for XWin.  Doing so
REM would start two window managers, which is never supposed to happen.

REM run twm

REM Set a background color.  Only needed when not using -multwindow for 

REM run xsetroot -solid aquamarine4


the probleme is
when two user excute startxwin.bat
the first who execute it have got all privilege.
if the second excute startxwin.bat, the windows of "X" open in the screen of 
the first

what is the probleme ?

what can i do ?


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