Please help: can't start Cygwin/X 6.7 on win2k -- accept() failed

Bettykate Nickolas
Tue Jun 29 05:36:00 GMT 2004

Claude Noshpitz wrote:
> Interestingly, I run both a Cisco VPN and Zone Labs firewall.
> What's really weird is that I've had XFree86 working just fine for
> *years*
> in exactly this environment, but I recently allowed ZoneAlarm to
> "update" itself.  I'm pretty sure that is what broke X; I installed
> more recent versions of XFree86 and Cygwin/X to see if that helped,
> but it didn't. 
> I did *once* get a couple of xterms up after disabling ZoneAlarm
> and restarting X (on top of an already running instance) but I'm pretty 
> sure that was just a glitch :)
> What should I be looking for?
> Thanks!
> --Claude
I think X needs to be able to receive incoming TCP connections in order 
to work, don't quote me though.


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