Cygwin/X crashes when using -clipboard; Win95; switched from Gnome to KDE on linux

Alexander Gottwald
Mon Jun 28 21:16:00 GMT 2004

Jay Smith wrote:

> Hi Alexander,
> Yes, I did get crashing from "simple cases" (i.e. plain text in a basic KDE
> xterm [konsole]).  In a couple cases the crash was within a few seconds and
> in other cases I was able to do two or three copy/paste operations before
> it crashed.

konsole is different from xterm. konsole most likely uses qt functions for
clipboard handling. But i doubt this makes any difference.

> I am afraid that I haven't a clue how to track this down myself.
> Does this error message give you any ideas?
>     winClipboardErrorHandler - ERROR:
>         BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)

No. Unfortunatly not. This error could result from any x11 call in the
clipboard thread. I could add more output which at least prints the
function called but this will only give minor hints. To find the code
where it fails one would have to debug XWin.

> Does the rest of the log output (in my original post) look correct? Are
> there any clues there?
> If this can't be solved, then it may mean that Windows 95 may be no longer
> supported for Cygwin/X.

Maybe. I'll try it in VMWare (if i can install win95 in it) the next days
and verify if it is a problem of win95.

> Is there any possibility that xwinclip could be used?  Or is that
> completely useless now?

You could try it. But there were some errors in xwinclip which are not
fixed since it is discontinued.

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