Cygwin/X crashes when using -clipboard; Win95; switched from Gnome to KDE on linux

Alexander Gottwald
Sun Jun 27 19:31:00 GMT 2004

Jay Smith wrote:

> I am using Cygwin/X running on a Windows 95 PC to connect to a Linux RedHat
> 8 server and to display the various linux terminal screens, Mozilla running
> on linux, etc., etc. Also, from one of those KDE linux terminal screens, I
> launch terminal screens displaying shells running on an old SCO Unixware
> server.

Does it also crash in very simple cases? copying from xterm for example should

Maybe this is a problem with windows 95 but unless you start tracing this down
yourself you will have bad luck. I don't own any windows 9x box anymore and
can't try this myself.

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