starting x windows
Mon Jun 21 04:52:00 GMT 2004

I'm having problems getting the windows to come up.  I just installed the cygwin software and have windows operating system.  I click on desktop icon and get bash2.05b$ cursor.  I don't know anything about unix/linux and would like to be able to graph using NCAR graphics.  The users guide gave a startxwin.bat command and others that I enter and everything says bad command or file doesn't exist.  I don't know anything about scripts either, the only programming I've done has been with qbasic and fortran 77.  If you could assist me in any way towards geting the x window system up and running and how it works in regards to unix software (i.e., software like NCAR) I would really appreciate it.  I have a chemistry degree and this seems to be powerful software.


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