Cannot close XTERM with ALT+F4 when using TCSH

Igor Pechtchanski
Thu Jun 17 13:21:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 17 Jun 2004, bse2000 wrote:

> Hi,
> I just updated to the latest Cygwin packages and experience problems when
> using an XTERM with the TCSH shell (so far my preferred combination):
> After the command 'xterm -e /bin/tcsh', everything looks good. I can enter
> any command and it works fine. However, I'm not able to close the window,
> neither with ALT-F4 nor by clicking the close button/item on the window
> title.
> The strange thing is that as soon as I tried to close the window, no further
> command can be executed from the TCSH's command line (e.g. ls, xlock etc.).
> They are just ignored. The only way to close that window is to use CTRL-D.
> However, executing with the BASH shell using 'xterm -e /bin/bash' and
> entering tcsh on the BASH command line afterwards works fine. Also rxvt
> gives no problem.
> The described problem occurs no matter whether I use XWin with -multiwindow
> or with xinit using fvwm2. In order to check whether perhaps my TCSH or X
> configuration is guilty, I switched already ~/.cshrc and ~/.Xdefaults off.
> No success.
> Please find below the output of 'cygcheck -c'.
> Thanks a lot in advance for any hints or ideas.
> Best regards

The first thing to do is check whether it's due to xterm or tcsh.  Does
running tcsh in rxvt produce the same symptoms?  The next is to try
attaching to tcsh with a debugger and seeing if it gets any signals from
the xterm as it gets closed (it should get at least a SIGHUP).

> ["cygcheck -c" output snipped]

BTW, it's usually not a good idea to inline the list of installed packages
in your messages, since it produces a lot of false positives in archive
searches (i.e., your message will match a search for every package you
have installed).  Also, the list of installed packages is part of the
attached "cygcheck -svr" output, so it would have been enough to mention
that "cygcheck -c" doesn't report any packages as "Incomplete".
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