No numeric keypad in HP OpenView

Wed Jun 16 18:21:00 GMT 2004

I'm using CygwinX on a Win2k box to drive HP OpenView on an HP-UX box, 
and it works well.  Except...  I can't use the 10-key style numeric 
keypad on the right side of my US 104 key keyboard.  If I turn on xev to 
monitor X events in an HPOV window, mouse clicks are the only events 
that appear.  I can type an IP address into the Browse MIB dialog box, 
for instance, if I use the number keys above the normal letter keys and 
below the F keys, but not with the numeric keypad regardless if NumLock 
appears to be on or off.  Additionally xev shows an event when the mouse 
cursor moves over or off the window, or clicks on something in the 
window, but not for movement within the window.  No keyboard actions 
seem to show any X events with xev, but stuff gets typed in and the 
application responds, except to the numeric keypad.

Where can I look to fix the keypad?


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