cannot start xterm from Windows Start Menu

Diego Soldano
Wed Jun 16 10:08:00 GMT 2004


   I've just installed Cygwin and Cygwin/X ( last update 2004-04-23 ) on 
Windows Xp and Windows 2000

  I start Cygwin/X from Windows Explorer by running startxwin.bat; 
Cygwin/X server starts normally and the xterm
  windows opens. If I close the xterm windows I'm not able to start 
xterm again; infact if I try to start xterm from
  Windows Start Menu clicking on Xterm icon ( created by Cygwin 
installation ) nothing happens.
  All other applications like xeyes , xcalc , xclock etc. start 
perfectly from the Windows Start Menu.

   This happens on Windows XP and 2000 ( I could not test on other 
windows platform)

   Does anybody have any idea about this problem ?



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