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Brian Ford
Mon Jun 14 16:27:00 GMT 2004

Since this is Cygwin/X related, you have chosen the wrong list to post to.
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On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Erik Abrahamsson wrote:

> Hi all!
> I have been running Cygwin/X for some time, with very low performance.
> In the Cygwin/X FAQ this is explained by the fact that I have a personal
> firewall (in this case it's Zonealarm). It is also the process vsmon.exe
> that is draining my system while using Cygwin/X. The solution to this
> problem would be do disable the firewall, which is not an option on
> Win2000 or XP...

Why is this not an option on Win2k or XP?

> Previously I used F-Secure with Himmingbird Exceed as X-server, without
> any problems.
> So my question is: Is it possible to run Cygwin with the X-server of
> your choice, which in my case is Exceed? What do I need to do?

Yes, and nothing but set your DISPLAY variable correctly.  You would get
much more informative responses if you actually describe a particular
problem you have when trying to do this.  Also, see

> I am quite familiar with win, but not *nix.
> Thank you for any help I can get!
> /Erik

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