xwinclip on Win95 no longer works (switched from Gnome to KDE on linux)

Jay Smith jay@JaySmith.com
Tue Jun 8 13:27:00 GMT 2004

Thanks Alistair,

This is helpful to hear.  I was a little concerned because the Cygwin home 
page refers to Win98SE and above.

What I don't quite understand is why (my "old" November 2003) xwinclip was 
working perfectly fine with Gnome but won't work at all with KDE.

I will attempt upgrading (actually installing anew).


Alistair Bell said the following on 06/08/2004 04:49 AM:
> The integrated clipboard stuff works fine for me on Win95 here with an up to
> date cygwin, there were some hiccups when I first used it at the end of last
> year/beginning of this, but the current implementation appears to have
> sorted the problems.
> Alistair
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>>KDE on linux)
>>[I hope that there are some ideas for this that do not include upgrading 
>>the XFree86 stuff -- the last time I did such an upgrade it took a day and
>>a half to get things running properly again.]
>>xwinclip will either not start, or will not stay started, or causes XFree 
>>session to lock up and/or crash the session and/or the PC.  This has just 
>>started when we switch from Gnome to KDE for our Xwindowing.....

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