Differnce between Xfree and Xorg

aroushdi aroushdi@hotmail.com
Mon Jun 7 12:33:00 GMT 2004

Alexander Gottwald wrote:
> aroushdi wrote:
>>Fatal server error:
>>Xserver: failed to bind to -from address: icc68651
> I've build a small test program which will query the interface address
> which xwin tries to bind to.
> get it from http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~goal/xfree/gethostbyname.tar.gz
> unpack it, run ./gethostbyname icc68651 and report the output.
> bye
>     ago
> NP: [:SITD:] - Laughingstock (No Compromise Remix)
  Hi Alex , Please find below the output of gethostbyname. Sorry to 
respond a little bit late but I was on vacation .
$ gethostbyname icc68651
hostname: icc68651

By the way i have downloaded the XFREE86 package and I have the same 
problem on the second XWIN . This installation was done on a plain 
machine . I guess it is a CYGWIN change that triggered this behaviour.

How can we proceed .
THanks for ur help


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