A couple of questions (maybe a little more)

Shachar Shemesh cygwin@shemesh.biz
Mon Jun 7 11:43:00 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I'm sorry if these were already handled. I couldn't find them in recent 
mailing list archives.

1. Is an Israeli keyboard handled by the server? I managed to get it to 
work with "-xkblayout us,il", but it was not automatically detected. I 
have just realized that the case of Israeli keyboard is a bit special to 
latin-based computer users, as a Hebrew keyboard will seldom be the only 
one defined. It is simply not practicaly to work a computer with only a 
hebrew keyboard. As such, both Windows and X need to have both keyboards 
defined. The problem is that my X and windows keyboard swiching runs out 
of sync. Add to that that there is no indication what X keyboard 
langauge is currently is (-xkboptions grp_led:scroll did not work as it 
does on Linux), and I have a problem. I'm considering writing a program 
that keeps them in sync, but I would like to know current status first.

2. How is access control handled by the server? The docs seem to hint 
there is no access control at all. My expeirence shows that xhost works 
(and is required), but that xauth doesn't find anything to work with. Is 
MIT cookie based authentication supported? How do I turn it on?

3. Does the server handle the WM_ENDSESSION message? I'm having some 
difficulties bringing windows down when the server is running.

4. Why is X.Org's config file not being used?

Many thanks for your time

Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting

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