Remote session: Solaris/CDE login menues and input fields lack visible text

Holger Krull
Sat Jun 5 23:57:00 GMT 2004

Terje J. Hanssen schrieb:
> $ XWin.exe -query Solaris_CDE_host_name
> After a while (too long with a shelving timestamp) I got the CDE login 
> screen. All CDE menues lacked text (empty), and my keyboard input and 
> password didn't become visible. Yet, I was able to login and exit from CDE.
> What can be wrong; eg. do I need to connect using fontservice on the 
> Solaris_CDE host?

Yes, most likely.
 From the faq: [David Dawson] For whatever reason, certain versions of 
Solaris need fonts that are not provided by Cygwin/X;

There is more about Solaris in
maybe it helps.

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