Installation problem: Setup Wizard suggestion

Terje J. Hanssen
Sat Jun 5 19:34:00 GMT 2004

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> On Sat, 5 Jun 2004, Terje J. Hanssen wrote:
> >
> > Therefore I would suggest the following easy,
> > known and simplyfied selections on a first setup wizard:
> >
> > o Minimum installation
> > o Typical installation
> > o Custom installation
> If you Google for "cygwin installation profiles", you'll see that this 
> has
> been suggested multiple times, as far back as October 2001. Nobody
> volunteered to take this on. If you have enough programming experience,
> and are willing to contribute your time, please take a look at the setup
> sources (at <>), and
> submit a patch to <cygwin-apps at cygwin dot com>.
Sorry, that I'm not a programmer. My contribution have to be limited to 
user/admin. suggestions. See my revised suggestion in aother reply next.

Terje J. Hanssen

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