Installation problem: Setup Wizard suggestion

Alexander Gottwald
Sat Jun 5 18:17:00 GMT 2004

On Sat, 5 Jun 2004, Terje J. Hanssen wrote:

> Hello,
> I am new on this list and with Cygwin/X, but have experience both with 
> Windows, Solaris and Linux. Yet, after several download attempts I have 
> had more trouble than usual with installing and getting started with 
> Cygwin/X. Maybe I have done something wrong (see below), but in my 
> opinion the current setup wizard is unusual and/or too advanced for the 
> average Windows user. Therefore I would suggest the following easy, 
> known and simplyfied selections on a first setup wizard:
> 	o Minimum installation
> 	o Typical installation
> 	o Custom installation
> o Minimum installation could include the minimum requiered cygwin&x 
> packages to run remote sessions via XDMCP (which I would guess most 
> often is the need for the Windows users to use X).
> o Typical could be minimum plus more recommended packages/tools to run 
> cygwin&X.
> o Custom could next lead to the current setup wizard with free 
> selections among all packages.

This was discussed 1 or 2 months ago.

Cygwin/X is designed to be installed with the cygwin installer. We will not
provide an extra installer. For reasons see the discussion in the mailing 
list archives.

> My trouble installation experience:
> -----------------------------------
> First I thought that the setup "All default" should fit in typical cases 
> to run X, didn't change this "pre-selection" and downloaded from 
> Internet, run setup again and installed from the local directory. 
> However, I wasn't able to find startxwin.bat to start X.
> Consulting the user guide again, and next the setup wizard, verified 
> that the required "xorg-x11-base" package did not install using with the 
> "default" pre-selection. 

Only few cygwin users need a complete X11 environment. So this is optional.

> But after this install, I still I was not able 
> to find startxwin.bat to start X.
> Searching again, I verified that the X-startup-scripts directory was 
> empty. I run setup again and downloaded the X-startup-scripts. From one 
> or another reason I also had to run setup once more, to download and 
> install xterm. (my ISDN line had some trouble with the long time ftp 
> download, and lost the connection with the server).
> Now I am able to start X and get an xterm window, but haven't currently 
> yet a computer to test the remote sessions via XDMCP.
> After this attempts I think I have got installed alltoo much packages 
> for this (simle) purpose. Checking my cygwin download ftp-directory 
> shows size 83,9 Mb containing 130 files and 420 dierctories.
> The cygwin root installation directory shows size 222 Mb containing 
> 17768 files and 896 directories!
> Is it possible to list which packages is required selected to get a 
> "Minimum installation as described above (size, no of files and dirs), 
> mayby also recommended packages for a "Typical installation".

Search the mailing list archives for "minimum install". There are many
postings over the years which list the packages required for Cygwin/X

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