Installation problem: Setup Wizard suggestion

Terje J. Hanssen
Sat Jun 5 16:35:00 GMT 2004


I am new on this list and with Cygwin/X, but have experience both with 
Windows, Solaris and Linux. Yet, after several download attempts I have 
had more trouble than usual with installing and getting started with 
Cygwin/X. Maybe I have done something wrong (see below), but in my 
opinion the current setup wizard is unusual and/or too advanced for the 
average Windows user. Therefore I would suggest the following easy, 
known and simplyfied selections on a first setup wizard:

	o Minimum installation
	o Typical installation
	o Custom installation

o Minimum installation could include the minimum requiered cygwin&x 
packages to run remote sessions via XDMCP (which I would guess most 
often is the need for the Windows users to use X).

o Typical could be minimum plus more recommended packages/tools to run 

o Custom could next lead to the current setup wizard with free 
selections among all packages.

My trouble installation experience:
First I thought that the setup "All default" should fit in typical cases 
to run X, didn't change this "pre-selection" and downloaded from 
Internet, run setup again and installed from the local directory. 
However, I wasn't able to find startxwin.bat to start X.

Consulting the user guide again, and next the setup wizard, verified 
that the required "xorg-x11-base" package did not install using with the 
"default" pre-selection. But after this install, I still I was not able 
to find startxwin.bat to start X.

Searching again, I verified that the X-startup-scripts directory was 
empty. I run setup again and downloaded the X-startup-scripts. From one 
or another reason I also had to run setup once more, to download and 
install xterm. (my ISDN line had some trouble with the long time ftp 
download, and lost the connection with the server).

Now I am able to start X and get an xterm window, but haven't currently 
yet a computer to test the remote sessions via XDMCP.

After this attempts I think I have got installed alltoo much packages 
for this (simle) purpose. Checking my cygwin download ftp-directory 
shows size 83,9 Mb containing 130 files and 420 dierctories.
The cygwin root installation directory shows size 222 Mb containing 
17768 files and 896 directories!

Is it possible to list which packages is required selected to get a 
"Minimum installation as described above (size, no of files and dirs), 
mayby also recommended packages for a "Typical installation".

Terje J. Hanssen

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