could not open default font 'fixed' - revisited

Brian Dessent
Sat Jun 5 01:38:00 GMT 2004

Will Senn wrote:

> 1. I started a new thread, hence the - revisited suffix.
> 2. I didn't reply to a message

Your headers speak otherwise:

> References: <> <> <>
> In-Reply-To: <>

Your so-called new message shows up in my mail program as a reply to
"Re: `touch' created wrong file without giving error" by Peter J.
Acklam, which is a completely unrelated thread.  It will also appear in
the web archives in this broken manner.  Anyone searching those archives
for help in the future will likely be confused as to what in the world
your message regarding upgrading your X11 server has to do with touch
not being able to create filenames with trailing spaces.

Hitting reply and changing the subject does *NOT* create a new thread!


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