Cut&Paste in xterm

Cary Jamison
Fri Jun 4 19:45:00 GMT 2004

"Jason Dufair" <> wrote in message 
> I think I've finally gotten to the bottom of the problem.  I have
> discovered that highlighting in Rxvt does copy on to the Windows
> clipboard after all, but that pasting by clicking the middle mouse
> button does not work.  It turns out that I have my middle button set to
> double-click.  When I set my middle mouse button to "AutoScroll
> (default)", it pastes as expected.
> Is there any way for Cygwin/X to paste with the middle button in X 
> regardless of what the driver setting is for the middle button?  Would
> this even be desirable?

You are essentially making your 3 button mouse a 2 button mouse then.  In 
this scenario you click both buttons at once to get the affect of the 
third button.  You may need to set -emulate3buttons.

> >> "Ariel Burbaickij" <> writes:
> >> 
> >> > Dear all,
> >> > happy my question about possibilty to start windows applications
> >> > direclty has provoked rather vivid discusion. Now for a change
> >> > extremly dumb question: Cut & paste inside xterm of cygwin X-server
> >> > does not work neither traditional highlight and point to where you 
> >> > to have it method, not ctrl-c/ctrl-v method. So, what is the trick?
> >> >
> >> > With Best Regards
> >> > Ariel Burbaickij
> >> >
> >> > -- 
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> >> > Jetzt aktivieren unter

My guess on the OP's problem - sounds like a misunderstanding of how 
copy/paste works, since ctrl-c/ctrl-v is not used for copy/paste in xterm. 
 Have you tried pasting with the middle mouse button?  If that solves your 
problem, realize that the various X applications may have their own 
methods and you need to discover how to do it properly for each.


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