Fw: 1.5.10: startx hangs intermittently

Jesper Hansen jesper@funcom.com
Fri Jun 4 17:19:00 GMT 2004

Jerry Moody wrote:
> I updated to cygwin 1.5.10-3 from 1.5.7 on Windows XP.  startx now hangs
> intermittently on startup.  Messages sent to the console at startx
> initialization are contained in the attached file startx-hang.txt.
> Console messages when startx works are attached as startx-works.txt.
> Reports from cygcheck -c on both the 1.5.7 and 1.5.10 are also included as
> cygcheck.157 and cygcheck.1510 respectively.  Along with cygcheck.out of
> course.

I have experienced the same problem with X on WinXP, almost every time I 
try to start XWin -multiwindow, XWin will hang after outputting: 
"winInitMultiWindowWM - Hello".

After some testing I have found out it only happends when I use 
-multiwindow and have enabled DOS (CR/LF) mode with the Cygwin installer.

Jesper Hansen

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