Cut&Paste in xterm

Jason Dufair
Fri Jun 4 14:54:00 GMT 2004

I've been meaning to post this same question for weeks.  I Googled quite
extensively and found nothing.  My question regards Rxvt in X mode, but
I suspect it's the same issue.  I'm running with the following switches:

-multiwindow -clipboard -multiplemonitors -nounixkill

Is anyone successfully cutting/pasting with -multiwindow?

"Ariel Burbaickij" <> writes:

> Dear all,
> happy my question about possibilty to start windows applications
> direclty has provoked rather vivid discusion. Now for a change
> extremly dumb question: Cut & paste inside xterm of cygwin X-server
> does not work neither traditional highlight and point to where you want
> to have it method, not ctrl-c/ctrl-v method. So, what is the trick?
> With Best Regards
> Ariel Burbaickij
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