Pointer bug in multiwindow mode (native window manager)

Tom Sobczynski tsobczynski@mac.com
Thu Jun 3 20:34:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 15:23, Cary Jamison wrote:
> "Tom Sobczynski" <tsobczynski@mac.com> wrote in message 
> news:<1086117100.7640.12.camel@amalfi>...
> > Using the current Cygwin X Server in multiwindow mode (i.e. Windows
> > native window manager), I get the X pointer when the mouse is in the
> > menu, toolbar and scrollbar areas of Gnome applications.  The problem
> > goes away when I switch to rootless mode and run another window manager,
> > such as metacity.
> > 
> > The "About..." box doesn't tell me what version I'm running, but it
> > explicitly calls itself a work in progress so I'll refrain from
> > submitting a bug report for that, but I upgraded Cygwin this morning.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Tom
> This has been reported before, here (see thread 'Default Mouse Pointer is 
> Wrong' from last November).  We had a hard time convincing Harold it was a 
> real problem, but I think he finally understood.  I didn't bother 
> following through with it, though, because I heard Kensuke was working on 
> a new implementation of the internal window manager, and I hoped that it 
> would be fixed then.
> Anyway, someone else suggested that as a workaround you can change the 
> default cursor yourself.  I believe original credit goes to Colin 
> Harrison, but basically I have this command after the server is started in 
> my startxwin.bat:
> REM Set default cursor - useful for -multiwindow window manager which uses 
> 'X'
> run xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr -fg white -bg black
> I even gave a patch for startxwin.bat so this would get added in the 
> distribution, but it never happened (maybe we didn't get Harold convinced, 
> after all :-).  Though I could see an argument that the patch should be a 
> little more smart and only change the cursor if you are running 
> -multiwindow mode. 
> Cary

Thank you for providing this workaround.  It is so simple and effective
that I think it would make an excellent FAQ entry until the whole matter
is properly resolved by fixing the native window manager.  I did check
the FAQ before sending mail to the list.

Now that this major annoyance with the native window manager has been
"cured," let me mention one other problem that became more noticeable. 
Whenever a "tool tip" pops up (e.g. hovering over a toolbar button), the
window loses focus until the tool tip disappears.


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