Pointer bug in multiwindow mode (native window manager)

Cary Jamison cary_jamison@symantec.com
Thu Jun 3 19:24:00 GMT 2004

"Tom Sobczynski" <tsobczynski@mac.com> wrote in message 
> Using the current Cygwin X Server in multiwindow mode (i.e. Windows
> native window manager), I get the X pointer when the mouse is in the
> menu, toolbar and scrollbar areas of Gnome applications.  The problem
> goes away when I switch to rootless mode and run another window manager,
> such as metacity.
> The "About..." box doesn't tell me what version I'm running, but it
> explicitly calls itself a work in progress so I'll refrain from
> submitting a bug report for that, but I upgraded Cygwin this morning.
> Cheers,
> Tom

This has been reported before, here (see thread 'Default Mouse Pointer is 
Wrong' from last November).  We had a hard time convincing Harold it was a 
real problem, but I think he finally understood.  I didn't bother 
following through with it, though, because I heard Kensuke was working on 
a new implementation of the internal window manager, and I hoped that it 
would be fixed then.

Anyway, someone else suggested that as a workaround you can change the 
default cursor yourself.  I believe original credit goes to Colin 
Harrison, but basically I have this command after the server is started in 
my startxwin.bat:

REM Set default cursor - useful for -multiwindow window manager which uses 
run xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr -fg white -bg black

I even gave a patch for startxwin.bat so this would get added in the 
distribution, but it never happened (maybe we didn't get Harold convinced, 
after all :-).  Though I could see an argument that the patch should be a 
little more smart and only change the cursor if you are running 
-multiwindow mode. 


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