Start XTerm without DOS Window

Russell Seymour
Thu Jun 3 09:25:00 GMT 2004

Good morning list,

I have got my CYWGIN setup very nicely in Windows XP now with lots of 
help from the list - however I have one last thing that I would like to 
try and sort out.  I would apprecaite any ideas anyone has.

I have configured my machine to start X on startup and ask me for my SSH 
key passphrase - this is all working well.  I have created a shortcut to 
a batch file that will start up XTerm for me - however it leaves a DOS 
window for each XTerm that I have running and I would like for it to not 
do this.  Something like hiding the DOS box (as with win-assh-askpass) 
but I have not found a way of doing it.

My first thought was to start XTerm without a batch file - however when 
I do this i get the message saying that the system cannot find the 

Thanks for any help in advance,


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