Pointer bug in multiwindow mode (native window manager)

Alexander Gottwald alexander.gottwald@s1999.tu-chemnitz.de
Thu Jun 3 09:08:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Stef Simoens wrote:

>  > you can run XWin with -logverbose 3 parameter. This will print some
>  > debugging information to the logfile which may help figuring out why
>  > the cursor disappears.
>  > If you encounter the problem another time, please send me your
>  > /tmp/XWin.log
> I also have the 'dissapearing mouse pointer'-phenomenon. It mostly 
> happens after a while.
> This is my logoutput (with -logverbose 3):

Looking at the code I see that the debug messages are disabled in the release
version. So the -logverbose 3 will not produce useful output for the debugging.

But if you find a reproducible way to let the cursor disappear then i can trace
it with my debug build.

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