login differs between cygwin and cygwin/X

Alder PGDEHMKOKIMD@spammotel.com
Tue Jun 1 01:40:00 GMT 2004

Igor Pechtchanski wrote::
> On Sat, 29 May 2004, Alder wrote:
> You need to pass the "--login" option to the bash shell started by the
> xterm, either by changing the "xterm" invocation to "xterm -e bash --login
> -i" or by passing the "-ls" option to xterm.
>     Igor

Thanks, Igor.

I wish it were as simple as you suggest, but the STARTXWIN.BAT already 
starts XTERM as a login shell with the following command:

run xterm ... bash -l

Just to be thorough, I tried changing the "-l" flag to "--login -i" and 
"--login", but the same message appears.

After some further digging around, I've isolated the problem to a 
specific line of the "/etc/profile.d/lilypond-profile.sh" script run by 
/etc/profile.  Near the end of that script is a section which sets the 
TEXMF environment variable:

# Add the installation directory to the teTeX system tree,
# see Documentation/misc/fontinstallation
if [ -z `echo $TEXMF | grep "$datadir"` ]; then
     TEXMF="{$datadir,"`kpsexpand  \\$TEXMF`"}"
     export TEXMF

If I then add some judicious "echo $TEXMF" statements before and after 
the line containing "kpexpand", it reveals that TEXMF is empty before 
that line, and receives the following value after the error is generated:


This is exactly the same value as TEXMF receives when I am not using the 
X server, so it's more an annoyance than a problem, I suppose.  Still, 
it would be interesting to get to the cause of it.



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