How do I delete crashed cygwin/x directories on W2K?

Don V Black
Fri Jul 30 23:50:00 GMT 2004

Hello Once More -

I have a couple of CYGWIN/X directories on my hard drive
that I cannot remove even when I logon as "Administrator".

This is a question for the person(s) who wrote the cygwin
and cygwin/x Windows installation scripts.

The directories and files were installed via the CYGWIN/X
installation procedure.  I had a disk crash and was forced
to restore the W2K system onto a new harddrive.  I use
the old NTFS drive (120GB) as a data disk. The data disk
contains the old CYGWIN/X directories which I now cannot

Windows Explorer displays the properties of these directories.
I cannot change the READ-ONLY status of the "Shorcuts" in
these directories, so I cannot delete them. What are these
shortcuts? Who owns them? How do I delete them?

The 'security' allows read and or execute only, no write, modify
or delete.  The owner is "S-1-5-21-184423 ... "

I can take ownership of the directories, but not of the 'Shortcut's
within the directories. I get the message
"You only have permission to view the current security information on 

Note that I can only view, not change any security.  It seems that
"S-1-5-21-1844 ... ", which was most likely created by the installation
procedure, is the owner of the 'Shortcuts' files in the directories.

Since I cannot delete these shortcut files, I cannot delete the directories.

How do I delete these directories installed by the cygwin/x installation 

  - Kind Regards,

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