How to clean the local package directory?
Fri Jul 30 16:16:00 GMT 2004

The file /etc/setup/installed.db lists all the packages, and only the
packages that you have currently installed, together with their version
numbers. If you ara happy with that installation (and it sounds as though
you are: your post does not mention any requirement for re-installation, it
explicitly states how tedious that would be) then it looks to me as though
the best approach would be to edit that file into a .bat file to be run from
outside Cygwin, or a script to be run from within Cygwin, that will (1) move
the files you want to keep to a new location, (2) delete what's left, (3)
rename new location to old.
(Or have the effect of (1) - (3), however you manage the detail.)
Any good, do you think?


If you wanted to run a fresh installation with just these packages, and
without the effort of picking them, then this too can be contrived, but
that's another story. Do you?

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