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Listopad, Steve SListopad@bcps.k12.md.us
Tue Jul 20 15:07:00 GMT 2004

on cygwin machine, try:

- start bash shell
- ssh -X -l username remote.machine (though look at the posts about ssh
- on remote machine, once logged in via ssh, do something like:
-  startkde

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Hello all, 

I am looking for a doc that will hopefully explain how to setup Cygwin
to allow me to SSH to a system and run startx and have the X Window
environment be routed through the tunnel. Is there such a document?

Right now, I have Cygwin loaded with SSH and when I log into my remote
system and type SSH, I see the X server start on the remote machine, and
no X Windows in my Cygwin session. I assume this is a common issue and
any help would be appreciated. 

Ron Clark



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