startx causing XP (Media Center Edition) blue screen?

Listopad, Steve
Mon Jul 19 23:24:00 GMT 2004

Forgot to mention that before the bluescreens, I saw (but couldn't capture
accurately) errors of the form:

x error bad window invalid window parameter (and alternately 3 and 5 on the
end of these types of messages).

Not sure if that is relevant, but I did see them.


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>A bluescreen is an error inside the windows kernel. Either the base system
>self or some drivers (i suspect the second). Software can only trigger
>But there have been only minor changes in Cygwin/X and I doubt they could
>lead to a bluescreen since no hardware access has changed.

Well, I've tried upgrading the video drivers as well as the network drivers.
Still get the blue screens.  So, suspecting my wired network card drivers, i
then used my wireless network card.  Same.  Blue Screen.

The only other thing that I can think of was brought up in other posts - I
have Zone Alarm 5 and Norton Antivirus 2004 Pro running.  Anybody else out
there getting XP blue screens with cygwin when running ZAP and/or NAV?

>I believe the difference with your system is some driver which was updated
>before and which is not current yet.

I suspected as much, too, except that I've exahusted (I think) those
possibilities.  I'm fully updated as far as Windows Update is concerned;
and, I pulled down the latest video & network drivers from the respective

>You could build XWin with debugging output. This prints received windows
>messages, some work in windows specific functions is traced but not the
>network layer.

>The low level unix calls (for network code) can be trace with strace.

>But this will not produce useful output if the kernel goes wild and prints
>bluescreen right after the data was written to the screen. Maybe writing
>data to harddisk may help but I think the bluescreen will leave disk
>unwritten and you'll get a logfile which truncated a long time before the
>actual crash happens.

All of this is unfortunate; even if, technically, it's Windows that has the
problem, the net result is that I can't use cygwin, unless I can figure out
what is causing the problem, and take action to correct it....


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