X startup hangs

Arturus Magi sailorleo@hotpop.com
Sat Jul 17 11:59:00 GMT 2004

electa wrote:
>>ZoneAlarm is known to change the behaviour of Windows
>>TCP/IP stack and this seems to cause troubles with cygwin since cygwin
> must provide unix
>>like semantics and has problems if something does not work it was
> expected.
> But I tried shutting down Zonealarm--> X still hangs. Do you think it ss
> really a ZoneAlarm problem?

ZoneAlarm replaces the TCP stack with it's own.  You cannot fully shut 
it down until after uninstalling it and rebooting.

The most recent version of ZA broke every POP/SMTP mailer on my system. 
  Shutting it down, removing it from start up and rebooting did nothing 
to change that.  Uninstalling it magically fixed everything, and several 
other problems I hadn't attributed to ZoneAlarm as well.

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