2 instances of Xwin

Alexander Gottwald Alexander.Gottwald@s1999.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri Jul 16 18:52:00 GMT 2004

Amr Mohamed Roushdi wrote:

> Thanks Alex for ur quick answer . the second never works even with waiting
> . I will tray and do an strace with the one it works .

I don't even know what the actual difference between the two is.
The first was started as xwin :10 -query iccpart2 -from icc68651
the second as xwin :5 -query iccpart2 -from icc68651. This is equal
except for the display part. But the display has nothing to do with
xdmcp. So where is the actual difference. Is it the time? Does XWin
called the same way sometimes work and sometimes it does not?
Does it work if Xwin is called a second time 5 minutes after it failed

Another trace will give me no more clue since I'll only see that windows
returned an error on bind. It does not include information which process
is still using udp port 177. This information can be obtained with netstat
I saw you had already sent the output of netstat which contained an entry
for udp port 177. But apparently this was taken while XWin was running and
is quite useless for finding the program which interferes with XWin. So
check with netstat -a if there is an entry "UDP icc68651:177" before you
start XWin. If there is such an entry try to figure out which program
belongs to this entry.


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