startx causing XP (Media Center Edition) blue screen?

Listopad, Steve
Fri Jul 16 15:46:00 GMT 2004

Nope, the network card is built-in; no pcmcia.  I didn't check the chipset,
but I can say that a previous version of cygwin worked just fine with X.
The only reason why I upgraded cygwin was because I had to
reformat/reinstall XP because Roxio Media Creator wreaked havoc.  But that's
another story, and I didn't reinstall the Roxio software.

So, I am not sure what could be causing the issue.  Are there any debuggin
suggestions?  Somehow turn on logging to see at what point a failure occurs?
Or, do some kind of XP debugging (though the event viewer log doesn't give
me any information that helped...).

Still trying,

>>On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, Listopad, Steve wrote:

> Alexander & Daniel,
> This is a response to both of your suggestions and questions (about the
> engine being used, and video card information).
> NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600
> Driver Provider:  NVIDIA
> Driver Date:  2/3/2004>
> Version:
> Note:  This version provided via Windows Update via IE, though it says the
> driver was
> provided by NVIDIA.
> Test "Script":
>   - start cygwin shell
>   - startx
>   - ssh -X -l user
>   - startkde

>>Does the notebook have a pcmcia network card? Maybe you can try XWin
>>having the network drivers active. some wlan drivers (esp rtl chipset) are
>>known to be very unstable.


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