Arrigo Benedetti - Cygwin-X hangs all at a sudden
Fri Jul 16 02:52:00 GMT 2004

As a followup, I have found that, after some reinstallation, I can run startxwin.bat and pop an xterm and also serve remote connections (which is why I wanted cygwin/X in the first place).  So my original problem appears to be with startx and probably relates to my/default .xinitrc file or something.  startx always worked before... but now I have a workaround.


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Subject: Arrigo Benedetti - Cygwin-X hangs all at a sudden

I have the EXACT same problem with cygwin/X (see URL below, obtained via google search for "cygwin X11R6 server hangs").
Except I am running Windows 2000 Professional not XP.  This is my employer's machine, so I am assuming a recent Microsoft "critical update" patch or something has now broken the cygwin X server.

Is there any new word/advice regarding this issue.

Also, I see that xfree86 seems to have been removed from setup.exe?  Can you explain the relationship, if any, between xfree86 and X11?  As I said, it seems now that only X11 is available under setup.exe and all the XFree86 packages I (think) I once had installed show up under ZZZRemovedPackages under setup.exe.

Todd Ryder

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