Arrigo Benedetti - Cygwin-X hangs all at a sudden

Alexander Gottwald
Thu Jul 15 20:00:00 GMT 2004 wrote:

> I have the EXACT same problem with cygwin/X (see URL below, obtained via
> google search for "cygwin X11R6 server hangs").
> Except I am running Windows 2000 Professional not XP.  This is my employer's
> machine, so I am assuming a recent Microsoft "critical update" patch or
> something has now broken the cygwin X server.
> Is there any new word/advice regarding this issue.

Unfortunatly not. I've not received more information about the windows
update. Maybe you can provide more information.

> Also, I see that xfree86 seems to have been removed from setup.exe?  Can
> you explain the relationship, if any, between xfree86 and X11?  As I said,
> it seems now that only X11 is available under setup.exe and all the XFree86
> packages I (think) I once had installed show up under ZZZRemovedPackages
> under setup.exe.

We changed the code base from xfree86 to xorg because it was easier for us
to incorporate changes into the xorg code than into the xfree86 codebase.
This was prativly not a big change since our first xorg release was very
close to the xfree 4.4 release. The old packages were removed and are now
only available as empty packages in ZZZRemoved to provide a clean update.

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