X startup hangs

Alexander Gottwald alexander.gottwald@s1999.tu-chemnitz.de
Thu Jul 15 12:47:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, electa wrote:

> > ZoneAlarm is known to change the behaviour of Windows
> > TCP/IP stack and this seems to cause troubles with cygwin since cygwin
> must provide unix
> > like semantics and has problems if something does not work it was
> expected.
> >
> But I tried shutting down Zonealarm--> X still hangs. Do you think it ss
> really a ZoneAlarm problem?

ZoneAlarm replaces/hooks some of the libraries providing the TCP/IP stack. 
Disabling ZoneAlarm still leaves those changes active but ZoneAlarm does not
drop packets anymore. 

> > So it is not a problem with insufficient rights to access the network (in
> fact
> > xkbcomp does not need any network access) but a problem with
> different/unexpected
> > behaviour of windows subsystems. I doubt this can be solved without
> digging
> > into the startup code of the cygwin library where it stopped
> >
> Can you help me solving just the xkb problem (which is not related to
> network)?

It is te problem. Normally xkbcomp expects input on stdin. It seems that 
ZoneAlarm somehow breaks pipes (eg ls | wc) in some circumstances. I think
it's the same with cat.exe. It just waits forever the get or receive data.  

> I appreciate very much to work with my keyboard.
> Now i'm using 'startx -- -kb -clipboard'
> without -multiwindow the X starts hanged. After killing cat.exe, X is ready
> and I can use it.
> my little goal is to remove that -kb to regain my keyboard!

Can you send me another strace of the above command?

strace -o xinit.strace2 startx -- -kb -clipboard

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