startx causing XP (Media Center Edition) blue screen?

Listopad, Steve
Thu Jul 15 12:32:00 GMT 2004

Alexander & Daniel,

This is a response to both of your suggestions and questions (about the
engine being used, and video card information).

NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600
Driver Provider:  NVIDIA
Driver Date:  2/3/2004
Note:  This version provided via Windows Update via IE, though it says the
driver was
provided by NVIDIA.

Test "Script":
  - start cygwin shell
  - startx
  - ssh -X -l user
  - startkde

Result of test with above parameters:  blue screen during KDE splash screen.

Result of above test with above parameters, using various engines:
  - startx -- -engine 1
  - startx -- -engine 2
  - startx -- -engine 4
  - startx -- -engine 8

  All blue screens, during various phases of the KDE "splash" screen.

Next, I loaded the drivers from; interestingly, the version
provided is:

  Results:  The same.  blue screen

Next, I tried drivers at the hp site (it's a zd7000 notebook).


  Results:  The same.  blue screen


  Results:  The same.  blue screen

Next, I took a guess that my screen resolution might be an issue, at
1440x900. So, I tried
1024x768.  Same results.  Blue Screen.

So, no luck yet.

Any suggestions for further debugging and/or logging?  If there's a readme
for that, could you point me in the right direction?

Other ideas:
  - Daniel (I think) suggested checking network card drivers; haven't done
that yet.
  - another post suggests possible ZoneAlarm issues.  I am running that, but
haven't tested turning it off.
  - others?



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