GTK missing cygX11-6.dll

Wed Jul 14 16:10:00 GMT 2004

Subject: Re: GTK missing cygX11-6.dll

Alexander wrote:

Alex, thanks for the pointers, but please review my comments, below.

 >>> Robert McNulty Junior wrote:

 >>>>> From:

 >>>>> Subject: Re: GTK missing cygX11-6.dll (Was Re: Wrapping long lines)
 >>>>> On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Robert McNulty Junior wrote:

 >>>>>> > Trying to figure out why GTK is telling me cygX11-6.dll (or 
something like
 >>>>>> > that) is missing.

I get the same error.

 >>> Do you have the xorg-x11-bin-dlls packages installed?


 >>> If yes please try to reinstall that package.

No help.

 >>> We had some reports that installing that package
 >>> for the first time may have some files not installed/remove by 
other packages.


 >There is a bug in the postinstall script, if cygwin/X11R6/bin is not in
 >the system path, the DLL is not found.

False. On my system:
  <CYGWIN_ROOT>/X11R6/bin is set in the 'PATH' by:
  - profile

 >Setup doesn't include this path and windows doesn't know about
 >it, I'll provide an update this week (or weekend), this will
 >include also dependencies to libintl3 instead of libintl2.

 >Workaround is to reexecute the postinstall script from a bash shell with
 >X11R6/bin included in the PATH setting:

 > 'sh /etc/postinstall/'

Also, false.

Correct invocation is, I believe:

  sh /etc/postinstall/


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