startx causing XP (Media Center Edition) blue screen?

Alexander Gottwald
Wed Jul 14 15:49:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Listopad, Steve wrote:

> Using latest cywin, downloaded/installed 07/13/2004.
> Can reproduce an XP blue screen, by starting a cygwin shell, and typing
> 'startx'.
This is the first report of a blue screen since a long time. 
> Scenario 1:  New terminal appears.  after a little bit of time, the machine
> will blue screen/reboot.
> Scenario 2:  after startx brings up window, use ssh -X -l username
>; run startkde, and blue screen/reboot occurs.
> Can reproduce this behavior.
> Have the latest drivers for my video card.

maybe the network driver is the cause.

> Not sure how to start debugging/narrowing down what might be causing this.
> Any suggestions?  Any known issues relating to this that I'm missing?
> Searched archives, but haven't seen anything specific to my situation (at
> least not yet!).

you can change the way how XWin draws to the screen.  try 
startx -- -engine 1
startx -- -engine 2
startx -- -engine 4
startx -- -engine 8

does any of these modes work?

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