startx causing XP (Media Center Edition) blue screen?

Listopad, Steve
Wed Jul 14 15:29:00 GMT 2004

[This may be a duplicate; submitted the question before the subscription
request; if it is, I apologize]

I'm using latest cywin, downloaded/installed 07/13/2004.

I can reproduce an XP blue screen, by starting a cygwin shell, and typing

Scenario 1:  New terminal appears.  after a little bit of time, the machine
will blue screen/reboot.

Scenario 2:  after startx brings up window, use ssh -X -l username; run startkde, and blue screen/reboot occurs.

Can reproduce this behavior.

Have the latest drivers for my video card.

Not sure how to start debugging/narrowing down what might be causing this.
Any suggestions?  Any known issues relating to this that I'm missing?
Searched archives, but haven't seen anything specific to my situation (at
least not yet!).


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