Igor Pechtchanski
Tue Jul 13 15:31:00 GMT 2004


Considering the message that made it to the list just before yours
(<>), the choice of
ALL-CAPS for the subject was perhaps not the wisest... :-)
More below.

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004, Loren Greenman wrote:

> Hi,
> My name is Loren Greenman, and I am running Cygwin at home.  When I log in
> remotely (secure shell) to the computers at where I work, I am unable to
> run application that require OpenGL.  I have downloaded the OpenGL
> library, and am otherwise up to date on Cygwin.  However, I still get an
> error that says OpenGL not available whenever I try to use this program.
> My graphics card has OpenGL capabilities, and when I run a OpenGL test
> program from Cygwin it works, but when I try it after remotely logging
> into another computer I am unable to use this program.  Any help is
> greatly appreciated.
> Loren Greenman

I believe you're confusing the native OpenGL support (which you get from
the opengl package) and the OpenGL/GLX extension for the X server.  The
OpenGL test program is most likely running using the native OpenGL.  For
the remote program to use OpenGL, you'll need to have the GLX extension
enabled in the X server.  While from what I recall it is already working
(see <>), you'll
need to post the exact error message you're getting and the exact commands
you used to invoke your XWin session and the failing program.  You might
also be asked later to post /tmp/XWin.log from a failed session.
P.S. A WAG: since you mentioned that you connect via ssh, take a look at
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