searching for employees
Tue Jul 6 01:47:00 GMT 2004

World Access company needs people in USA and Canada who are interested in full or part employment. 
We are already 5 years on the financial market and we are going to extend. We would like to offer you to be our representative. It???s a
home job for energetic people with phone numbers who are ready to carry out some orders and get money for this.

The Requirements for the representative: 
 Age - 21 year or older 
 Punctuality and the responsibility. 
 If you agree to start working, you should send your information: 
1. Contact phone 
2. Last name/First name 
3. Address 
4. E-mail 

Please e-mail as only if you REALLY need this job, and if you READY to start even tomorrow.  

1 Q: Can I really start tomorrow?
  A: No, We need some time to check your personal information, criminal history and work experience.

2 Q: Why you company checks my personal information?
  A: Our company work with respectable clients so we need honest and responsible employees. 

2 Q: Do I need any initial costs?
  A: No, it will cost you nothing to start. 

3 Q:  I have a full-time job can I be involved?
  A: Yes, with this job you can earn on the side.

4 Q: How much can I earn?
  A: 20 ??? 100$ per order or percents.

5 Q: I would like to know about the job.
  A: Sorry I can???t describe you all positions. For a first time its simple orders. If you show your self as an honest person, you???ll
become our plenipotentiary (you could participate in our projects). 

                                                                          Thank you for your time. 
                                                                          We look forward to your reply. 
                                                                          Yours faithfully Marin Senuro.

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