gaim 'BadWindow' crashes fixed

Jean-Claude Gervais
Mon Jul 5 19:48:00 GMT 2004


I've been having the same problem:

Every time I float my mouse pointer over a widget that produces a
bubble-help-text, gaim would exit with a X crash.

This would only happen when tunneling X over SSH from a Windows box
running Cygwin to a Linux box where gaim executes.

It turns out that the key to avoiding this is invoking the SSH
connection with the '-Y' option, and NOT the '-X' option, like this -

ssh -C -Y

Once again, after a lot of searching (and swearing) it was Harold L.
Hunt who came up with the answer:

Thanks, Harold.

PS - I KNOW that this is obviously OLD news, but I only ended up
stumbling on the solution almost by chance, and I thought it was worth
repeating here, in case someone else is having the same problem.

PPS - Now if I could only get the WindowMaker Preferences Utility to
display its icons, I'd be halfway home.

Thanks, all.

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