xorg single window mode issue

Alexander Gottwald Alexander.Gottwald@s1999.tu-chemnitz.de
Sat Jul 3 19:31:00 GMT 2004

Nate Schindler wrote:

> Just found something.  XWin loads fine in single window mode when NOT invoked by run.exe.
> I have two copies of run.exe.  One is 22k, one is 70k... but they're both v1.1.3.  whatever. :)
> it doesn't seem to make a difference which one I use.  I also can't find any documentation for run.exe to see if there are any helpful switches for it.
> Anyway, the problem seems to come from how the xorg XWin.exe and run.exe interact.

Interesting. I'll try to reproduce this on monday with my installation.

Anyway, the difference between startup with -nodecoration and without is
just one line of code:

  if (pScreenInfo->fDecoration)
    dwWindowStyle |= WS_CAPTION;
    dwWindowStyle |= WS_POPUP;

but MSDN docs do not give any hints what might be causing the problem.

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