xorg single window mode issue

Nate Schindler nate@riconcorp.com
Fri Jul 2 19:58:00 GMT 2004

I just downloaded a full install of Cygwin yesterday (7/1/04).  Previously, I was using a distribution downloaded on 10/28/2003.  The old distro had XFree86.  The one I got yesterday now includes xorg.

The problem I'm having on my windows 2003 box is running xorg in a single window.  What's happening is XWin loads fine, but won't actually display anything - the root window is hidden.  The tray icon appears, and clients connect to the X server properly, but the root window never shows up.  I'm not sure if this is specific to Windows 2003.  I haven't tried to duplicate it on another machine yet.

If XWin is started with -nodecoration, -multiwindow, -rootless, or -fullscreen, the x clients are visible.
If XWin is started with no arguments, implying that the root window should be shown WITH decorations, then the root window is hidden, and x clients hide with it.  Using "-screen 0" has no effect on this.

I prefer to start XWin as "XWin -clipboard" and run openbox.  This way, I have a master window containing all of my X-related stuff, and all of it can be minimized in one click.

As a workaround to the hidden root window problem I'm having, I'm running "XWin -nodecoration -clipboard" and minimizing the root window from the taskbar when I need to.

So, basically the problem seems to be that the XWin root window won't display when it's suppoed to be "decorated" by Windows.  When it's not decorated by Windows, it displays fine.

Anybody have any idea why this might be?

BTW, the log contains no errors.



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